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Around Mahabaleshwar


The queen of hills Mahabaleshwar, has places around like gems studded in a crown. Tapola – a haven for watersports enthusiasts is at a distance of just 25 Kms from Mahabaleshwar and Pratapgad Fort the 17th century fort is under 30 kms Mahabaleshwar. The Old Mahabaleshwar which is about 20 Kms from the new Mahabaleshwar is after Venna Lake about 15 Kms off the main road to Mahabaleshwar.

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Panchgani – A quaint Hill station

Colourful Horse Buggy at Tableland Panchgani

Panchgani is a small town on the way to Mahabaleshwar with an unhurried relaxed charm with its strawberry farms, boarding schools and old british buildings. Stroll across the narrow walkways on a misty morning or while away at the bazaar, Panchgani is one of the rare places that doesn’t crowd anyone, yet engulfs you in its own unhurried way and make you feel a part of the charm.

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